Camper Hire Agreement

Payment by credit card – If payment is made by credit card, you agree: a) we have the irrevocable right to complete all documents and take all other steps to recover from the credit card issuer all amounts due in accordance with this agreement with respect to the deposit and rental fees to be paid; b) you are required to exempt us from all losses (including legal fees) resulting from notification of a dispute to a credit card issuer; c) we can process the credit card voucher. If we decide to accept payment of the deposit by an open guarantee (which may be cancelled 5 days after the end of the rental period), you agree that we are entitled to receive from the credit card issuer, in accordance with paragraph (a) above, payment in respect of amounts due that are not known at the time of cancellation of the open guarantee. 2.3 By entering into this agreement with the company, the renter agrees to the installation, installation, use and maintenance of a GPS positioning device in order to determine the geographical location of the vehicles for the duration of the rental period. In addition to tracking and recording the tenant`s geographic location, GPS also records the nature of the tenant`s usage, speed, and distances traveled. The information recorded by the GPS is stored and used by the company in accordance with the company`s privacy policy. Below is an overview of our health and safety policies. You will get more details about health and safety when you take the van. Our campervan manuals, which can be found in each motorhome, also contain details on health and safety policies for driving vans and using vans, etc. We advise you to read these manuals once you have picked up your van, as they contain useful information about your van and its facilities, in addition to health and safety considerations. 12.4 The vehicle shall never be carried by a car wash or washed inside a pressure wash. If the tenant violates this clause, the damage caused to the painting and the resulting costs are fully passed on to the tenant and must be paid within ten working days of the request.

b) In any event, this Agreement shall be governed by English law and this Agreement, including the Terms and Conditions of Sale, constitutes the entire Agreement between the Parties. No other oral obligation, warranty or agreement between the Parties concerning the subject matter of this Agreement shall replace the terms of this Agreement without the prior consent of the Parties. d) In the event that your rental cannot continue due to legal administrative restrictions such as a local or national ban in which nights outside your main residence are not allowed, we propose a date change in which the full value of your booking can be transferred to a new date. . . .

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