Agreement Completion Definition

One of the most common points of disagreement is what the “completion” project actually means. The terms of the construction contract often contain terms such as “final finish”, “simple completion” or “essential completion”, without taking into account their definitions. Essential completion is considered to be the completion phase during which the project can be used by the owner for the intended purpose. But this definition is also variable. When defining the conditions for concluding the contract, it is important to take into account precisely the construction time and possible delays. The owner must have a realistic completion plan so that he can accurately plan occupancy, financing, and other expected considerations. While delays and other unforeseen issues may occur during construction, it is likely that owners will easily adjust to new completion dates as long as you keep them informed and have reasonable explanations for the delays. Legal problems often arise during construction dates. There are countless legal opportunities for lawyers dealing with construction-related issues. As a result, anyone involved in construction should exercise due diligence when thinking about how to protect themselves and avoid legal problems, legal fees and other possible expenses. Some contracts and jurisdictions require written notification of these delays.

Some courts do not allow the completion period to be extended if these notices of delay have not been issued. when equipment or materials are not ordered on time or the work is not properly organized and planned. He suggested that the law on practical completion could be summarized as follows: if the parties to an agreement could define their respective rights and obligations for any future state of the world, their treaty would be comprehensive. There would be no loopholes in the terms of the contract. In some cases, it may happen that a contract does not control a completion time set in its conditions. In these cases, the law assumes that the construction will be completed within a normal and reasonable time, usually determined in relation to the work carried out in the same area and under similar construction conditions. Given that there is a high degree of uncertainty in these situations, it is not desirable or advantageous for either party to exclude a fixed or identifiable closing period of the project within the contract. .

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